We exist because of the generosity of people's time.  The vast majority of the parish work is accomplished through the time and talent of our parishioners. Please consider sharing your God-given gifts and help keep our parish strong and vital.  The parish offers many opportunities for service in liturgy, faith formation, outreach, group meetings and activities. To find a place to commit your time and talent you can use the information on this website.  A good place to start looking is under "Activities" and "Ministries" or you can call your local church office.


Stewardship: The word "stewardship" refers to the Catholic approach to the gifts that God has bestowed upon us.  Stewardship is living out a commitment to be Christ-centered rather than self-centered. Profound gratitude, justice and love become the fundamental motives for giving back to God. Everything that God has given to us is intended to serve the divine plan. Therefore, our life is to be lived in gratitude toward God. In a variety of ways, we as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, share our time, talent and treasure to build up the Church and make our world a better place.


Use of Envelopes: When people make a regular commitment of support, the parish can better plan its income and expenses. That's important for the financial stability of the parish.


Electronic Giving: Once a month, the amount you select will be deducted automatically from your checking or savings account. You don't have to do a thing except sign up. This is our website for online giving: WeShare. We recently added electronic giving for donations for Holy Days of Obligation. 
Alternatively you may complete an Authorization Form and return it to your Parish Office. If you want the funds deducted from your checking account, attach a check with "void" written across it. That is all there is to do!  Deductions will start the following month.

Bequests: Please feel free to contact the Parish Office if you would like to make a gift to the parish from your will or a living trust. We are available to assist you or your advisors with more specific information regarding bequests, estate designations, or specific questions you may have.